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General regulations

These Regulations are drawn up and reviewed by the Committee under Paragraph 3(i) of the Constitution (Revised 27th September 2017).

1 Subscriptions

Subscriptions should be paid within the first three weeks of term. The subscription is currently £150 pa, or £140 if paid in full at the start of the Choir year (September to August) but can be paid in two halves, £75 in September and £75 in January. No refunds will be given if a member does not attend rehearsals or participate in a concert.

Members joining in January must pay £100. Members joining in April may pay £50 only. The full subscription is then payable at the beginning of the new Choir year in September.

Full time students may pay half price on production of appropriate proof. Other special cases will be considered by the Committee, on request.

If subscriptions have not been paid within the time specified, members will be reminded once, either orally or by letter. If subscriptions have not been paid by half term, the person concerned may be asked to leave.

2 Membership

For the avoidance of doubt, people who have paid the subscription and have not resigned or otherwise ceased to be members are members of the Choir even if they do not attend rehearsals for an extended period or at all. If they have not paid the current subscription, they are not members of the Choir.

3 Concert Uniform

Members of the Choir must observe the uniform specified from time to time by the Committee for wear at concerts. Full details are available separately.
The Choir silk scarves, bow ties and black folders are lent to members for as long as they are in the Choir. Please return them promptly, in good condition, if you leave. Please do not wash the scarves unless really essential, the colour runs.

4 Provision of music

Choir members are lent copies of the music to be performed. Please take care of it, mark it lightly in pencil only, and return it immediately after the concert, preferably with markings rubbed out, but the immediate return is more important. If music has been issued in a numbered plastic envelope, it must be returned in it. If you have to drop out during the term or you are prevented from singing in a concert at the last minute, please return your music to the Librarian as soon as possible.
Music should be returned to the librarian within one week of the final concert of the relevant term. If the music is not returned within three weeks of the final concert of the term, then a non-refundable fine of £10 will be charged. After this period, the member will also be liable to reimburse the choir for the cost of any lost music.
Music issued to members must be logged by the Librarian and signed for by the member receiving the music.
Members must not help themselves to books without reference to the Librarian. Lost books represent a significant financial loss to the Choir, and it is essential that the Librarian knows where every copy is. This applies to books used at just one rehearsal. Music will not be issued to anyone other than the person who will be using it.

5 Deposits

The choir does not currently operate a deposit scheme for music loaned to members. This may be changed following a review by the committee.

6 Rehearsals and Performances

A list of significant dates for the year is normally given out at the start of the year and the start of each subsequent term. Please note all rehearsal times, particularly for the week before any concert, when rehearsals must be given priority over other events as far as possible. Members who do not attend enough rehearsals may not be permitted to sing in the concert – see the Constitution. Further information is always available on the Choir’s website,
If a member, for any reason, is unable to take part in a concert after starting rehearsals for it, he or she should let the Musical Director or the Secretary know as soon as possible. If a member is unable to attend a rehearsal, the Musical Director or the Secretary should be informed. This is to enable the Musical Director to assess the size balance of the Choir accurately.

7 Internet Banking

The Treasurer has authority to have read-only access to internet banking in order to monitor transfer payments into the accounts. Payments out will continue to be made only by cheque, requiring two signatures in accordance with section 6 c of the constitution.