Concert uniform

The Choir uniform is decided by the Committee, and may be changed from time to time. We may also add other items, such as flowers, if the occasion seems appropriate. The Summer concert uniform is slightly less formal than the Winter and Spring concerts. It is, unfortunately, impossible to please everyone but Choir members are asked to comply with it as the presentation and appearance of the choir are important to our performances, complementing the high standard of our music. If any part of it is really impossible for you, please have a word about it with Stella or Richard. Thank you very much.

1 Women

Winter and Spring Concerts

  • Smart black trousers or long black straight or a-line skirts to the ankle.
  • Waist length black shirt or blouse of plain design. Open necked, with turned down collar, modest neckline, reasonably close fitting, plain buttons, long sleeved or ¾ length sleeve. Shirts do not need to be tucked in.
  • Black tights or knee-lengths.
  • Smart clean black shoes.
  • Discreet jewellery, small black handbag.
  • Black belts with discreet buckles at wearer’s discretion.
  • The Orpheus uniform silk scarf.

Summer Concert

  • Black trousers or long black skirts, to the ankle.
  • Long sleeved red shirts with collars.
  • Tights/knee lengths can be left off and smart open black sandals worn.
  • No scarf.

2 Men

Winter and Spring Concerts

  • Black jackets, black trousers, plain white shirts with normal collars and long sleeves.
  • No cummerbunds.
  • Black socks and smart clean black shoes.
  • The Orpheus uniform bow tie.

Summer Concerts

  • No jackets.
  • Black bow ties rather than the Orpheus pink ones.